Tips For Choosing a Bicycle for heavy people!

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Being an overweight person implies, struggling to seek a perfect fit in every conventional department. Be it clothing, footwear, or even bicycles.

To handpick these pieces of stuff feels like an avalanche of a task. If one aspires to ride a bicycle and is over-weight, we have shortlisted all the necessary points and tips one would be needing regarding the bicycle purchase, because it’s no ordinary cup of tea.

1. Ideal Parts

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The aspired bicycle should contain these vital parts of the bicycle to make it ideal, convenient, and desirable to ride.

Fat Tires

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What one should keep in the conscious mind is that your ideal bicycle should contain fat and wide tires, which should be resistible, stronger, and should ensure a comfortable and non-tiring ride. The tire should be broad enough to make you relish your ride.


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The seating is the most crucial part because that completely determines your ride. The seat should be comfortable enough to make your ride fun and fantastic so that you don’t feel iffy or fuzzy after an hour or two. Take your time and wisely pick your saddle.



The body without any second thought should neither be too bulky nor light. It should be heavy enough to bear your weight. You can simply testify this by picking up the bicycle.

2. Picking by brand

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It is always remarked that poor brand bicycles always result in huge damage, after two or three rides. Not only does the money go down the drain but also the confidence and morale of overweight people. It is, therefore, always advised that one must always buy the bicycle by the brand and with the guarantee. As it not only assures you the quality but also the trust. So, it is advisory that to not go by the showcase but also with what’s underneath. After all, all that glitters is not gold.

3. Tire pressure

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Tire pressure should be at its peak while making a purchase, as it eventually deflates and later results in the burst. Flat tires and burst rim, adds to the expense.

4. Handle grip

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The handle grip has to bear a lot of friction, it should nevermore be smooth. Smooth grips result in the slipping of hands, and ultimately failing our grip on the bicycle. So technically, the handle grip has to be handled well. So, this is what we’ve summoned so far, the points that you should always remember to your core if you are planning to buy a bicycle. Also, don’t forget to satisfactorily examine and test the ride of your bicycle. Apart from these, what matters the most is the confidence and your desire to ride. If one is determined and confident then, no boulder can sway your will. Keep riding, riders!

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