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Resume | 24th February 2022 | Virtual Wire



The assembly of the professional resume is of the utmost importance. It is the first impression that employers have about you and in addition to professional information.

There are many opinions in creating the ideal resume, so sometimes it is difficult to include all aspects in ours. That's why we put together the best tips to create your perfect resume.



select a visually friendly and dynamic layout as someone will have to read it. Take into account aspects such as the size and type of font, the spacing between blocks and information blocks, colours, and good image quality. If you are not a designer or have never made a resume, you can try programs like Canva or VisualCV that offer free or paid templates.



You must choose the format that is most suitable for the type of information that you will put. Usually, two are used, chronological or functional.


Put the information in a consistent order. For example, you could place your personal data, references and, pretensions on one side of the sheet and on the other side locate information on studies, work experience, courses, mentions, awards or, whatever you think corresponds and may be relevant to the position.




Think that recruiters see thousands and thousands of resumes for the same job position, so your goal is to stand out from the rest. How can you achieve it? Through keywords. That is, put words that connect with the position to which you apply. The job description will go a long way in determining which words to add.

Constant update


It is important that you keep your resume updated. If you take a course or if you had a new work experience.

Accompany the resume with a cover letter or video presentation


It can help you stand out and also allows the recruiter to read a little more about you. It is important not to repeat the information already placed in the Curriculum. Take advantage of the space to provide new information that may be relevant to the position. You could even talk about your skills, strengths, professional aspirations, or experiences. The same happens with the presentation video. The only difference is that with a video they will see things like your speaking.

Include a portfolio


In the case of having completed work, it is important that you include a portfolio to show the recruiter your skills. Sometimes the portfolio makes the difference between choosing one or another candidate.

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