Top 10 Manga's with the Best Art Style!

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Since the rise in popularity of mangas, people have been drawn to the distinct and diverse art styles depicted in manga.

Storylines that once captivated the older generation are no longer required by the younger generation. Art is given a lot of attention. This trend will continue to grow as more people become interested in manga. Here is a list of the mangas with the best art.

1) Innocent


The historical genre has the best manga art, and Innocent is a prime example. Innocent takes you on a journey through 18th century France through the eyes of Charles Sanson. The characters are realistically drawn down to the citizens who have an 18th-century aesthetic. The backgrounds, like the characters, are highly detailed and closely resemble their real-life counterparts. In terms of art, Innocent is the best manga I've ever seen.

2) Witch Hat Atelier


Not many mangas can match the background detailing of Witch Hat Atelier. The fantasy-like world is so immersive that you feel the spells of fire and wind whizzing past your face. Witch Hat Atelier might be looked down on because of its stylized art, but no one can deny the use of realism in its backgrounds.

3) Vagabond


Takehiko Inoue's mangas have a special place in my heart, and his many works have inspired me to do better in life. There is no manga by Inoue where his art falls short, but Vagabond is a contender for either number one or number two. Vagabond's only reason for remaining in third place is its inconsistency; it reminds me of HunterxHunter but with much better art. Vagabond excels at both shading and framing. It's also a masterpiece that artists all over the world should study.

4) Bambino


I'm sure many of you expected Berserk to be in the top three or four, but it wasn't the case. Bambino, a seinen manga about cooking, comes in fourth place. Bambino depicts Tokyo in incredible detail and makes you feel like a citizen with its beautifully crafted designs; the design of the kitchen or characters are not overlooked and remain consistent throughout the series.

5) Berserk


Berserk, by the late Kentaro Miura, is one of the most influential mangas of all time. Apart from its storytelling, which is the best I've seen from a manga, its art captures human emotion in ways that few have come close to. I'll never forget Guts' face as he sobs while unintentionally killing children, or Griffith's when he loses Guts. The backgrounds are also beautifully drawn, as are the mystical creatures such as dragons, fairies, and goblins.

6) One piece


Many of my friends will object to the inclusion of One Piece as art, but it is well deserved. The art of One Piece may appear whimsical or bad to some, but upon closer inspection, it is clear that the art is just right for this story. While most of the art appears to be aimed at children, there are times when the art can become gritty ( Ace and Whitebeard).

7) One Punch Man


One Punch Man's original art is undeniably repulsive to look at; the only thing it has going for it is its incredible storyline. By taking charge of the illustration, Yuusuke Murata elevated the storyline with crisp figures and realistic backgrounds. After Witch Hat Atelier, One Punch Man may be the first manga to perfectly combine stylized and realistic art.

8) Otoyemegatari


This is one manga that I know will not be adapted into an anime anytime soon. The level of detail in the fabric worn by the characters is astounding, and the background receives the same treatment. There isn't a single mistake in this manga, from the horses to the people to the environment. The mangaka draws as if he grew up in the Caucasus Mountains and was drawing from memory.

9) Kingdom


Yasuhisa's Kingdom rivals Berserk in terms of grandiosity. With large-scale wars, battle formations, drawings of old Chinese cities, and character drawings. Kingdom outperforms most manga and is still improving. Kingdom would have been a solid four or five if not for the heavyweights in Manga.

10) Kokou No Hito


This manga deserves to be ranked second or first, but the art is distracting. The first arc introduces climbing as a sport and follows Mori Buntarou on his earlier adventures. The subsequent arcs follow Mori through his existential crisis, which he confronts through climbing. Every mountain scene is realistic, and even the equipment is depicted perfectly.

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