Top 10 Motivational Anime Movies To Watch In December!

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Movies are a way through which people forget their stress and live their life freely.

So why not boost your low motivation by giving you a dose of movies to watch. Here are the top 10 motivational anime movies that you should watch to boost your productivity and motivation.



It’s a movie that talks about a panda named Po who is brought by uncertain destiny to the kung fu with other creatures who had already been practising there. A must watch a movie filled with hope, determination and lessons to learn from each character.



A rat named Remy aspired to be a French chef but will the people be able to enjoy meals given by a rat. Torn between his family’s wishes and true calling he sets on a journey to do something which he loves. The movie is filled with passion and true hunger for determination and recognition.



Story of a girl whose father is told to join the army because of the attack of huns. Not willing to risk his life she goes and joins the army disguised as a man. The story is very promising and gives a mix of girl power. A very promising story to watch.



Mr Incredible is forced to live a normal life and is told to act normal. He has a job but still can’t wait to go back into action. As he is put into a trap by evil syndrome his family comes to rescue him. A story of a family with extraordinary powers on a mission to defeat the bad guys and also keep their normal lives going.



Judy Hopps who is a rookie officer in the Zootopia police department is on a mission to solve clues and prove herself and her abilities to chief BOGO. A very good light-hearted movie for the family.



Moana is the story of a girl who is the daughter of chief tui. When all the plants and fishes started dying, Moana went on an adventure to solve this problem by returning the heart of goddess te fitti from Maui who was a demigod. She goes on a thrilling journey and encounters lots of problems in between. A very enriching storey with travelling plots and much more adventure.



A movie with family and fun-packed adventure about the story of marlin who is in search of his son. Marlin a clownfish is accompanied by a forgetful memory fish to embark on a journey to bring his son back. A very daring story with qualities of strength and determination to keep going. Must watch for people who have lost a bit of hope and strength along their journey.



2 boys named Mike and Sulley joined the monster university to graduate from it as the scariest monster on the planet. But will they be able to do the unknown? Although both are rivals but become friends with time. A story of friendship, trust and hard work.



Cars are about the movie on lightning McQueen who is a racing car but due to the problems, he created at the property of radiator springs he needs to repair the damage and go back to his race. But he also has a racing match at that time. Will he be able to do it or not. This movie surprises you with lots of lessons and learnings. It teaches you hard work, sacrifice humility and much more. A must watch a movie.



Brave is a story that talks about Merida who is an independent archer but because of her disobeying a dark power takes place. She takes the journey to reverse the curse but in that journey does she truly understand the meaning of bravery. It has a very gripping story with lots of meaning conveyed in it. The story not only talks about bravery but also about family values, care, protection, love, strength and power. A must watch the movie for those girls who love to watch girl power movies.

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