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TGIF everyone. We have finally reached the end of a horrid work week (Hurray!!!), and now all that's left to do is relax.

Relaxation can come in different strokes for different people. My brother and sister use the weekend to sleep and sleep more. While my mother uses Saturday to catch up on her favourite sitcoms. Since I am my mother's son, I copied some traits from her. Not the eating of large bowls of pounded Yam(I do that too), but the use of films and sitcoms to relax. If you are like me and the wonders of cinema thrill you, keep reading this article.

Today I shall discuss the top 5 movies to watch this weekend, Enjoy.

1) Good Time


The Safdie brothers have made a name for themselves in the world of independent films. Uncut Gems, their 2019 film, received awards, nominations, and positive reviews. Some think it's the best film released in 2019 (c'mon, Parasite!!!). They made this underrated masterpiece before that masterpiece. Good Time follows its protagonist, who tries a series of get-rich-quick schemes to get his brother out of jail. The film is so fast-paced that by the end, you're left wondering, "Have I been watching this stuff for over an hour?" Good Time is a crime film that seeks a quick fix.

2) Palm Springs


The idea of someone constantly repeating the same day has been thoroughly investigated. Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, Two Distant Strangers, and Happy Death Day are just a few examples. But none has made people laugh as hard as Palm Springs. Palm Springs follows two people who are stuck in a loop and how they deal with their situation. The ending is hopeful, and to be honest, it makes you wish it didn't end.

3) It's a Wonderful Life


This 1946 classic is mostly seen around the holidays, but who says you can't watch it on a regular weekend? (no one). The main character in this story wishes he had never been born, and an angel grants his wish. Life is full of little mishaps; It's a Wonderful Life highlight these mishaps, whether or not they would have been for the better. (Maybe that's why I wasn't good at school, I was probably going to be a billionaire, or not •́ ‿,•̀).

4) American Graffiti


American Graffiti crawled so that 'American Pie', 'Dazed and Confused' could run. But I think it's the reverse, considering American Graffiti floors both of these films. American Graffiti is done in one night and features a young cast of actors who will become legendary. Not many coming-of-age films come close to this masterpiece in terms of Storytelling and how it dissected the roaring fifties.

5) Raid


I consider Raid to be the best action film ever made and I'm not wrong (or am I). Raid presses the Action accelerator right from the very quarter of the film, it doesn't let go or reduce right until the very end. And the plot, it's comical, it has this set of policemen RAID a high rise building to capture a criminal. As simple as the plot is, it doesn't let its viewers down (The same way I won't let you down). Raid is the last movie on this list and the one I'll recommend the most.

These five films aren't the best I've seen but they are the easiest to follow. They require no investment from you and just require you to see them. All of them are enjoyable, so give them a watch when you can. Thank you for also reading.

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