Top 5 Underrated Stephen King Books!

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Stephen King a true master of horror has written 64 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, and five non-fiction books.

He has written over 200 short stories, most of which have been compiled in book collections. Here are some underappreciated books that deserve everyone’s attention.

The Dark half


Recovering alcoholic Thad Beaumont is a cerebral literary writer whose books don't sell well; who also happens to have a very dark and popular crime fiction series written under the 'George Stark' pen name. When his alter-ego is exposed, he decides to give George Stark a very public 'mock-burial'! ... Thad's dark half 'George Stark' emerges from the grave with all Thad's compulsive behaviours and addictions... and is hell-bent on his mission to gruesomely murder everyone responsible for his 'death! This book has produced one of the best villains created by Stephen King. George Stark. This is not much of a horror story this story mostly relies on the anxiety that the villain creates through his ruthless ways of creating terror. This book explores the dark side of a person, and exploration is taken to a further extent. A truly gripping story of the writer Thad Beaumont.

Doctor Sleep


A worthy sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep revisits Danny Torrance as an adult, where he has unfortunately inherited his father’s alcoholism, but also retains his ability to “shine”. He encounters a young girl named Abra, who needs his help to fight the “Vampiric” cult, the True Knot. This book follows the characters Danny Torrance from the Shinning and explores his life in recovery. And a little girl Abra, and her parents discover her powers. Then Rose Hat, leader of the True Knot sets on a mission to hunt which turns into quite an exciting cat and mouse chase, with supernatural powers as their weapons. A must-read for a constant Stephen King reader.



It all begins with a monstrosity of a 6' 7" police officer from hell and a scary trip into town by the carver family and the famous writer Johnny Martinville; and once they do make it to the town, well, the deadly creep-fest begins. Desperation is one of the downright scariest books written by King, and the scares come early. King manages, for the most part, to keep the tension up throughout the novel, which makes it one hell of an uneasy read. Some scenes are somewhat bizarre and are taken to the extreme of uncomfortableness. Although this is only what you’d expect from a novel such as this: it’s not meant to be easy reading after all.

Lisey’s Story


This is a book about Lisey Landon, the widow of a famous author, Scott Landon. There are two main stories within the book - that of Lisey's story in the present, and that of her dead husband's life. Lisey is clearing out her husband's writing space in their home which leads to a series of events that force her to recall memories and realities about her late husband. This is a story about grief and love, with elements of horror. This book is really personal to Stephen King, and maybe that’s why he says it’s his favourite book that he has written. Undoubtedly it is really underappreciated, but the experience is a 50stop-tier King experience.



The storyline is creepy good, with a possessed red 1958 Plymouth Fury, her deadlights and "mouldering stench" on the prowl seeking justice from anyone who dislikes her. So best stay out of her way. Besides a feared Christine, there's a great cast of teen characters, bullies, weird parents and an evil presence from the beyond to keep things rolling along. and as in many King novels, you'll find a variety of dark nightmares, hear many a cool oldie from the 50s and 60s and take a ride to the submarine races.

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