Traditions served on Table!

Traditions | Served | 16th December 2021 | Virtual Wire



Family recipes are more than customs made by a specific group of individuals.

We cannot deny that each family has their own versions of food and these were passed through from generation to generation. Others serve these into restaurant styles and share the goodness among their customers. What comes with it are ingredients made intangible to men but savoured greatly in each serving.

Special cuisines are incorporated with patience. Going down its long history, the original creators of each dish made it with struggle and stories of perseverance. They showed patience and love behind every count of ingredients and found the perfect mix to form an altogether masterpiece. Every sweat and drop of tears made it worthwhile proving that food is made with such perfection.


Traditions do not only transcend to the material but can also be seen in the table. We enjoy and savor this with the memory of our loved ones and remember the story and intangible feelings that come with it. This proves that families hold a history of their own and in every colours cuisine portrays the wonderful colors of it.

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