Turning Crisis into Opportunity!

Crisis | Opportunity | 12th October | Virtual Wire

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The word “crisis” was made of two brush-strokes in the Chinese language – while the first represents danger, the second represents opportunity.

Therefore, for every crisis, there is always danger and opportunity available. But when there’s a drastic change in certain livelihoods and futures become unpredictable, getting balances and taking decisions on a deliberate path to move ahead is always an intimidating decision as knowledge of the opportunities still available is often withdrawn by many factors. This is all because we exercise little direct control over the factors that give rise to the crisis. However, what we can control is our response to these factors.

Covid-19 is a good example of a Crisis that indiscriminately ripped through communities and compelled workers to perform with such endurance while many were seen losing their jobs, occupation and much more. Historically, it has always been agreed that there is opportunity even in our most difficult moments.

Come to think of this, I have recently realized that many of the most significant political, technological and creative movements in history have been borne out of our greatest moments of adversity and crisis. For instance, Jazz was borne out of the Great Depression, Rock ‘n’ Roll and The United Nations were all products of World War II. Satellite technology, portable cameras and computer games came from The Cold War. Within 380BC, Plato coined the phrase ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.

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The crisis is, however, a snapshot of a moment in time. It requires seeing beyond this snapshot and visualizing what gate of potential has just been opened to achieve self-empowerment. An instance can be gotten from a story of an individual divorced or left for another person by the spouse; the individual feels betrayed and perhaps heartsick. After a time, though, he/she may, in fact, come to feel thankful to be freed from an unworthy and inauthentic relationship. This is particularly true if they evolve through the loss and benefit from a new and healthier relationship.

Every crisis presents an opportunity. Crises tend to present themselves as either acute or chronic circumstances. For example, there is an economic upheaval that is driving the United States and the world economy into highly volatile perturbations, with both wealth and employment literally disappearing. In the lives of most people, this is an external crisis raining upon them, typically not of their own making. Yet, through these losses, many people are coming to reflect on their values and choices and are making adjustments—due to the crisis—that actually benefit them.

My father – a recognized chartered accountant and working with different banks on contract, had hardly a spare moment for his family, as he was ever consumed with achieving more and more. The loss of his job during the Covid-19 Pandemic at first paralyzed him with fear. After a time, however, he was able to reconsider his priorities. Today, he works from home in a small business he founded, and all his family have greatly benefited.

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