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Diverse | Sexuality | 02nd October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Society must stop categorising individuals based on their sexual orientation because ‘right to equality' means ‘right to sexuality’.

An individual has no control over their birth, their genes and certainly not over their sexuality. We as a mature society need to understand that one’s sexual orientation is not their choice or an option, they opt. They are born with it; their biological construction defines their sexual orientation. So why does society find it so hard to believe and refuse to accept them?

People have a right to express their sexual orientation as they like. One can be homosexual, heterosexual or pansexual and that is a part of their identity. And nobody has the right to question it. Labelling them as ‘gay’ ‘lesbian’ ‘queer’ ‘bisexual' and putting them into boxes is not right. Why do we feel the need to categorise everything? Can’t we accept them as they come? Society needs to evolve and understand that there are some things that don’t necessarily need a classification or categorisation.

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Like how gender roles are not specific, similarly, one’s sexuality is not particular. Research says that at times, one’s sexual orientation can change over a period due to a shift in hormonal secretions. So, growing up, people can identify themselves with their changing orientation and it is alright for them to do so. As simple as it sounds, these changes can be difficult for one to understand and accept. It takes a lot of courage for one to accept themselves and we need to realise that these are unfamiliar ideas that never came into existence before.

Therefore, one can be hesitant or fearful of judgement, they could be afraid of being excluded or punished for their identity. They feel this way because our society does not look at them with respect, doesn’t treat them with the equality they deserve and excludes them. In the name of ‘cultural’ and’ traditional’ norms, society constantly shames them. These societal behaviours are either conscious or subconscious but undoubtedly hurtful to the growing LGBTQ community.

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We should keep in mind that one's gender identity or sexual orientation should never be the reason for their exclusion or biased treatment. Each one of us has their right to equality and their right to sexuality. The need of the hour is to increase acceptance for the growing sexual diversity and help transform our society into an inclusive community. India is known worldwide for its diversity and harmony. Now is the time we make our citizens feel safe, included and sense equality irrespective of their identities.

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