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Unstoppable | Naari | 10th December 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Men and Women have always been an equal part of this society but due to some distribution timeline in the timeline, today’s society has drastically changed in a bad way.

It has been cruel to both men and women where they both are expected to do and behave in a certain way that is defined by society irrespective of their choice. And this change has affected Women the most.

They have been dominated centuries after centuries and are bound to follow the rules and regulations laid by society. But today’s women are fearless as goddess kali and know how to fight back. Women have time to time show that if they are kind as mothers then they are tough as Tigress. If we look into the work ratio women have come a long way.

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Now it’s high time when everyone should understand that it’s just not about gender, it's about the person who likes to work. We should not stop or criticize anyone for doing the jobs that they like.

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