Valorant| Game | Shouting | 13th September 2021 | Virtual Wire

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Valorant is an online first-person tactical shooter game. It’s free to play the game and is gaining high popularity in recent days. It was first released under the codename project in October 2019 then Riot games (Developers) began a closed beta with limited access on 7th April 2017 and finally the game was officially released on June 2nd 2020. This game was a dream of Riot since 2014. Six years of effort.


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Valorant is a team-based multiplayer shooter game similar to an old famous FPS (First-person shooter) CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive). It’s more like a combination of CSGO and Overwatch with specific agent abilities. Each team will have 5 teammates and each player has a set of 16 agents to select from.

It’s a best of 25 rounds which means the first team to win 13 rounds wins where after 12 rounds the team switch sides. There are mainly two sides the attacker side and the defender side.

The attacker’s job is to plant a spike on one of the 2 or 3(in the case of one map) bomb sites which denote after 45 seconds within a time span of 100 seconds, Defender’s job as the name suggests defend the bombsites. A team can win the round either by eliminating the other team or by detonating or defusing the spike (bomb). There are many different modes available in Valorant.


This is a normal game as explained before and is usually played by players for either fun, to unlock their competitiveness or to practice new agents etc.


This is the most loved and most serious mode of the game very similar to unrated but you get a ranking based on your wins and losses, performance. The ranks go like Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and finally the highest rank Radiant (The top 500 in a region are placed here).