Versailles to Tehran: Women Still Struggling!

Versailles to Tehran | Women Still struggling | 21st November 2022 | Virtual Wire



A Woman With A Voice Is, By Definition, A Strong Woman. But The Search To Find That Voice Can Be Remarkably Difficult.” - MELINDA GATES, Philanthropist.

Women, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a lover, a worker, a helper, professionals, etc have many denotations to her in the society around us. But, the only title she is not given which is in fact the most crucial and natural for her existence is that of being a human. Why is it so difficult for men around us to treat a woman just like a human being? Women have always been seen as someone who can sacrifice their time, emotions, love, passion, and choices, for family and society. They have been doing this for ages yet they have to revolt back every time they want something which is present and available easily for men in our society. Why this inequality when we know that the human race cannot exist without both women and men? Women's revolutions are many in number and there are many which are not even penned down to date in our history. Talking about the very prominent revolution led by the women dates back to 1789 on the streets of Paris, it was the most momentous French food riot and is referred to as “The Women’s March On Versailles”. Women shout out men as cowards and declare that “We will take over”. The women crowd moved with soldiers and forced the King to return to Paris. It was women only who led to the abolishment of the monarchy in the 1790s.


In present-day revolution by women on the streets of Tehran is still on, women are fighting on the streets for their right to live with freedom and stop cruelty against women. The recent death of Mahsa Amini in Tehran police custody has given birth to this revolution. Although Iran has seen many revolutions before by women for almost a century now. One of the most remarkable ones was in 1978-1979 when women chanted the slogan “Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic” against the Shah’s brutal regime in Iran. From the French Revolution, and the American revolution to the Present day Iran Revolution in Tehran, women’s struggle is still on despite the world having millions of law institutions and courts to serve equality and the right to live for every human. Women have revolted against their absence of the right to vote, right to education, right to express, right to freedom, right to live with dignity, right to work, right to wear, etc. Women's quest to have an equivalent life is still a dream in this advanced technological era of space and the universe.

Why Do Women Face Difficulties In Stand Equal To Men?


To explain this we need to understand that society works as a whole. Many of us will be thinking that women are free in today's time, all these issues are just to raise feminism debate in society. But that is not true, women are under extreme pressure physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. There are certain women who lead a life as good as men in our society or may be better than them. But that number is insignificant and the statistics given below will prove how women need help in all spheres of life.

Human and Sex Trafficking


  • There are more than 4.8 Million victims of sex trafficking globally. 99% are women and girls. This includes 3.8 million adults and 1.0 million children in sex trafficking who are exploited sexually. (ILO, 2017).

  • 27.6 million people are victims and suffering from human trafficking according to the International Labor Organization (ILO) report. This data also states that there is a 12% increase in human trafficking numbers from 2016-2012.

  • Profits earned from sexual trafficking touch $99 billion worldwide.

Women Health Index


  • FGM (Female Genital Mutilation, which involves total or partial removal of female genitalia) is a violation of the human rights of women and girls yet to date more than 200 million have undergone this heinous process.

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 3 women (30%) is subjected to violence (physical or/and sexual) globally in their lifetime. This leads to various health issues like unwanted pregnancies followed by abortions, stress, depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, and many more.

  • MMR (Maternal Mortality Rate: the number of maternal deaths per 100,000) data shows that in developed countries MMR is going down yet countries like Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, etc have high MMR due to low socio-economic status and inequality towards women in such countries.

  • MMR is highest in Southern Sudan with 1150.

  • 810 women die every day globally due to pregnancy complications

  • 40% of pregnant women are anaemic.

Women's Financial Health


Well, it is a known fact that gender discrimination is one of the harsh realities which we see prominently in the workspace. The pay difference is huge for males and females across the globe. In the last five years, women's financial growth is decreasing mainly due to inflation and the recession followed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only this colour of women also play a substantial role in financial opportunities. According to the “Gender Gap In Financial Health Report” conducted by the Financial Health Network, 11% of black women as compared to 25% of white women are considered financially healthy. This report also states that women living with a partner (24%) are more secure in terms of finances than women not living with a partner (13%).

Solutions For Uplifting Women In Our Social Ecosystem


There are already many legal organizations which are working for the upliftment of women in our society. They are either private or non-private, some are government aided and some are non-government organizations. Although looking at the scale of the problems that are present around women will take a long time to reach a situation of harmony and positivity for their coexistence in our society. Still, some of the very basic and long-term solutions include:

  • Beginning from basics, sex determination to kill the female foetus in the womb should be abolished.

  • Equal right to education.

  • Parents and society need to give the same love, affection, and care to female children at an early age. So, that shapes them into confident people.

  • Equal chances and pay should be given to female workers by companies to lessen the financial differences between men and women. This will help in bringing more equilibrium to our society.

  • The laws which are present in our books should be implemented more strictly in order to erase the ordeal women go through because of lapses in our system.

  • Lastly, Women should treat themselves with pride and honour, as they are capable of doing every possible thing that men can do.

There is no gender when you look for hard-working, passionate, honest and diligent people around you. Biological differences are present in animals too, these differences are to produce babies, for the continuity, and existence of the species. So, to all the men and women out there please treat each other with love and humanity and stop any kind of violence against any gender for that matter.

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