Virtual Assistants: 3 Platforms to Work!

Virtual assistants | Platforms | Work | 24th February 2022 | Virtual Wire



If you are a freelancer, you speak English and you are considering working remotely for different projects and even earning in dollars, this article is for you!

Virtual Latinos (


It is a remote work platform that seeks to facilitate tasks for its clients. Under the virtual assistant modality, you can perform in many areas. For example general admin support, general marketing tasks, and general sales tasks. There is no geographical border. In Virtual Latinos, you will find colleagues from all over the world. To be part of VL you have to complete a series of exams in English, upload your resume, answer a series of questions and introduce yourself in English. If you pass these tests you will be part of this great community.

Job Duck


It is a platform for virtual assistants in multiple areas. To be part, you have to upload your resume, complete exams in English, and answer some questions. Once accepted you must apply to the different projects they offer. Your customers will arrive from all over the world.



Entering this platform is easier than the previous two. Although they ask you for a series of data and your staff summarizes, you do not have to complete long exams. Once inside the platform, you must apply to the different projects. If the company is interested in your profile, it contacts you via message. The good thing about these platforms is that you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you are a good English speaker, have an internet connection and a computer.

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