Ways to Practice Self love!

Self Love | Practice | 07th October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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You need some love and affection, but from who? YOU. You've been giving affection to people all around you and forgetting to love and show yourself some affection. These are ways to practice self-love.

Ways To Practice Self Love

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Good energy

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Always surround yourself with positive energy, have people with positive and high spirits around you. Make a conscious effort to identify and cut off people who are not contributing to your growth in any way, they can be friends, acquaintances, distant relatives and the rest. When you have people who are always making positive comments and encouraging you in your endeavours it helps in the self-love process.

Words of affirmation

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Always start your day with words of affirmation and adoration, comments like "I am beautiful", "I am not perfect and that's okay" and many more words of adoration. Doing this every day builds or increases your self-love.

Celebrate every win

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Whatever goal achieved must be celebrated no matter how small it seems to you, every target hit is a milestone that must be appreciated and celebrated.

Take time out

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Have some me-time after a long day, week or month at work. Make out time to do something for yourself, it can be a trip to a spa, a day to shop, Netflix and chill, whatever you like to do during rest time. Have your phone and other devices turned off or cut off from social media for ME TIME.

Be creative

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Explore your creative side, you can do this by trying a painting class or joining a sculpting class. Things like these are therapeutic and help you connect with your inner self.

Let go of bad experiences

Whatever heartbreak or traumatic experience you experienced in the past should be left in the past. Get a therapist that you can speak to about the process, he/she should be able to help you get over your past and move on with time. Living or dwelling in past experiences is detrimental to health and can prevent you from taking certain decisions due to fear. When you're able to get past that traumatic experience then you'll feel like a load has been lifted off of you.

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Be realistic

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When it comes to goals, always set realistic goals that can be achieved. Don't make targets that you know are impossible to hit, you'll only feel bad after the whole process.

Keep a journal

There's a lot of note-taking apps these days but nothing beats the good old pen and paper. You could go by the local supermarket or bookshop and get a journal. Having a journal is necessary for you to jot down your daily processes, ideas and goals.

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No comparison

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Do not compare yourself with other people, you, just like everyone else is on a different timeline. Be it a circle of friends

Try new things

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Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, a lot of good things are only achievable when you step out of situations or zones that you're used to. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard but it is essential, when you start doing things you weren't doing before you'll realize a lot about yourself, grow and learn to love new parts you've discovered.

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