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Trees | 22nd December 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Have you ever wondered in awe how marvelous trees grow at their own pace and transform into majestic creatures?

What we see from them is a mirror of who we are. They start from a little seed that demands attention and care. It is closely related to us that when we are still a baby or kid, we call our parents to provide whatever we need. Our happiness is found when we receive love from the people around us. Trees grow accordingly when they are showered with kindness.

It is without a doubt that true care purposely initiates growth within oneself. This is because we learn how to give, follow a great example, and always amplify the understanding of one another. However, it is not solely love that pushes the growth of trees. Before it could ever stand on its own, it is not tested with the comfortable wind or storm but is measured to the greatness of typhoons and capacity to withstand heavy rains.

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By surpassing these scenarios, a tree was made strong and found its purpose. This may differ from others but it is designed to be what it is. The purpose varies from giving a shed when it's sunny, blocking the flood when it pours, and many more other things that are designed specifically for trees. People are no different. We cannot claim our purpose the same as others unless we surpass great heights of struggles and declare upon ourselves that we are for what we made.

Trees sometimes break or bend but what is great about them is their capacity to grow and replenish. This is a part where people are trees. We thought that problems are made to kill us without knowing we are ever growing into bigger and taller individuals than before. No matter how long it takes, just like the trees, we are continuously growing.

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