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Movie | Queer | 2nd December 2021 | Virtual Wire


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As we all know that whether it is Bollywood, Hollywood or any other cinema of the world. We as a general public are highly influenced by Actors and Actresses.

We all have often heard these lines that “ Movies are the mirror image of society” and this entertainment industry has even set standards for everyone according to their free will including Men with toxis masculinity, no rooms for independent women, children are too young to think, what’s an ideal society looks like and what not. But it’s our very own fortune that we are witnessing all those changes for which people have fight for so long.

One of them is Actors coming in support of LGBTQ+ community. Actors like Ayushman Khurana, John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan had played their significant roles. For that they have been praised and at the same time became the centre of criticism by many. Some even started questioning their sexuality and its very hard on actors themselves and then they start feeling whether they did right or not. Besides criticism they are even asked idiotic questions by media houses which greatly affects their mental health.

We are li8in 21st century and its very unfortunate for us to see that we need movies to represent these topic which are very natural, Normal and understandable . Everyone has their own life and choice to make. We as human have no rights to judge or pass our ideology to anyone.

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