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Weightloss | Women | 06th June 2022 | Virtual Wire


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For most women, weight loss can be a major struggle. There are two things that can significantly affect women’s weight – hormones and lifestyle.

Many women will struggle to lose weight at certain points in their life. Some gain weight upon ageing because as people age, their metabolism slows down. Some women gain weight during pregnancy and have a hard time getting their old figures back. This is normal as there is a shifting of hormones that occurs during the pregnancy period. The truth is most women gain weight due to a sedentary lifestyle. Working on their desk the entire day during office hours and ending the day with a huge meal to relieve the stress. During these times, the struggle to lose pounds usually involves experimenting with various diets and exercise regimens. There are various weight loss options that women resort to shedding pounds.

Weight Loss and How to Lose Weight Quickly & Effectively

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For women, the most effective method of weight loss is the one that involves a complete change in lifestyle. The entire perspective about health should be changed, including food, sleeping habits and exercise routines. A complete lifestyle change will not only help lose weight but make the weight loss permanent. Some people, prefer to look for how to lose weight quickly rather than losing weight effectively.

Diet & Weightloss

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In changing the diet, there are many diet plans women can research to find the most appropriate plan for their personal weight loss program. There is the Atkins diet, South beach diet, Raw Food diet, Vegan, Alkaline diet, High-protein diet and so on. Although in almost all types of diet, it is said that an increase in dietary fibre is a key factor in losing weight and keeping healthy. The average person should consume at least 30-40 grams of fibre per day. This can be acquired by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is best to consult with a nutritionist on the best diet plan to suit one’s body requirements and lifestyle.

Exercise and Weightloss

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When choosing an exercise program, it is essential to find one that is enjoyable. Some women prefer going to the gym while others prefer early morning jogging. There are also other activities to choose from such as yoga, pilates, aerobics, boxing, martial arts, biking, swimming, badminton, tennis, dance and the likes. It doesn’t matter what type of physical weight loss activity is chosen as long there is a commitment to regular daily or weekly training. For an exercise program to become effective, it is important to commit to a regular schedule. Also, do not overwork the body by training several hours daily during the weekdays and then feeling extremely exhausted during the weekends.

Exercise is supposed to make the body stronger and aid in weight loss, not exhaust its energy. It is better to commit to an every other day schedule or three times a week and stick to it, in order to give to body time to recover after a strenuous workout. Again when it comes to your health and diet, you need to know more about the List of high fibre foods. This is very important to know so that you know and understand how our body system digests the foods that are intake by the body.

Herbal Weight Loss Options

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Many women use the natural power of herbs to aid in weight loss. It depends on which herb will work best for their body and which will satisfy their taste buds. Here are several herbs women use to help reduce pounds.

Green tea weight loss

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Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that is good for the heart and helps reduce body weight. Some drink green tea with hot water while some prefer it in cold water with a touch of lime and honey.

Ginseng tea for weight loss

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Ginseng is known to boost energy and increase metabolism, therefore helping to reduce body weight.

Dandelion tea for weight loss

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Dandelion works as a natural laxative, thus aiding in normalizing bowel movement and therefore helping reduce weight.

Weight Loss Diet Pills

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Some women simply don’t have time for physical activities or don’t want to make so much effort in losing weight so they resort to diet pills for their weight loss. Diet pills or supplements work as appetite suppressants and fat burners. Most have laxative effects, which are said to aid in losing weight faster.

Weight Loss Surgery

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Surgery should be a woman’s last resort if wanting to lose weight. Surgeries can be expensive, and distressing and can result in permanent damage if not done properly and professionally. Most surgeries are performed on targeted areas such as the stomach, arms and legs. Surgeries are said to yield fast results but what most people don’t know is that the healing process after surgery can take weeks of complete rest.


Weight loss for overweight people is essential to having a healthy life. There is a variety of ways to achieve this. But having an active lifestyle with a nutritious diet is best.

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