Western vs Modern!

Western | Modern | 06th July 2022 | Virtual Wire



There is always a confusion between being modern and being western. Being Western is most of the time considered to be modern innocently by many. But it is not so.

Western is moving to Western culture. It is not modern. It is just different from your culture. But modern is revolutionizing our own culture. The fashion industry has a major role in it as it is one of the main aspects in highlighting a culture’s tradition. In India, people’s traditional wear is the saree. The types of saree and style of draping differ in every place in India. But ultimately Indian’s traditional wear is Saree. This can be modernized not by wearing pants or a shirt, but by wearing a saree of the current trend.

In the initial stage there were only silk and cotton sarees, but now, to the trend, emerged varieties of silk sarees. That is the major difference between being modern and being western. So, my dear friends, no matter what culture you belong to and you follow, just stay Modern in your culture rather than being a reason for its termination. Because every culture and tradition is unique in this wide-winged world and also the practices have a ceratin hidden meaning behind it. Scientists also nowadays trying to prove and bring out the reasons behind these practices of a culture.


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