What Can We Learn From Max Mayfield’s Escape From Vecna?

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SPOILER ALERT for Stranger Things seasons 4 Viewers!! The fourth season of Stranger Things has been released in two volumes, the first of which contains two episodes and was made available on May 27, 2022, and June 1, 2022.

If you have watched the fourth season, you have probably seen the episode "Dear Billy," in which Vecna captured the character Max in the mind flayer. And how did she manage to effectively escape from it? The Stranger Things season this year is undoubtedly dark and intense. The portrayal of the upside-down demon “Vecna” is a dark period in everybody's life. Vecna was killing students with tragic pasts in this season of Stranger Things 4. Max Mayfield was one of them. Billy Hargrove, her stepbrother, died in season three. Due to that, Max started to feel guilty and withdraw from her friends. She is not looking for anyone's pity or comfort. She believed that she was to blame for her brother's passing. In the previous two seasons, even their connection wasn't great. Still, Max was upset for her brother Billy. Her boyfriend Lucas Sinclair and friend Dustin were trying to reach out to her, but she just kept pushing them away. Max thought that nobody gives a damn about her loss and situation. She felt lonely and started seeing nightmares.


You see here, Max is looking for an answer about why it had happened? How that death of her brother changed everything. Her parents got separated, she no longer lives in a nice apartment, and she was losing interest in everything. Things got pretty bad when Vecna started targeting her. Vecna is an upside-down monster killing those students, who had a terrible past and have a pang of guilt for it. Vecna is like a monster in everyone's life. Despite that, those students had no intention of getting killed by a monster. It was the Vecna, who was controlling their mind and killing them because they had suffered enough. That is how he was targeting every victim and murdering them brutally. When it comes to Max. She was in the graveyard, sitting on Billy's grave and reading out the letter she wrote for him. Vecna then seized her. She got a vision of her dead brother speaking with her. But it was Vecna who was messing with her head. When she was running for her life, Vecna trapped her with his power.

At that moment, her friends, Lucas, Steve, and Dustin, were trying to wake her from the trance. But thankfully, Robin told Dustin that the song can able to break the trance. It means the music can be a portal for Max to get out of Vecna’s power. Dustin, Lucas, and Steve finally find out the song and put the headphone to her ear. Max saw a portal and how her friends were desperately saving her. She realized how wrong she was about everyone. This scene is the most emotional of this season. The song “running up that hill” was playing in the background, Max remembering those moments in which she was most happy and Vecna was controlling her. The scene has created so much tension among the viewers. But as the song played in the background, she closed her eyes to remember those happy moments of her life. And finally, she was able to escape from Vecna. How does she do that? Because of the love and support from her friends as well as the song. When she awakened from her trance, she was relieved to get back to normal.


We can learn from Max’s experience that she wanted to survive badly, despite her desire for death is stronger. How much she was wrong about everything, for her friends especially. No matter how bad her condition was, her friends were there for her, but Max was pushing them away. Her guilt was so strong that she couldn't see the good side of her life. That single moment makes her so vulnerable. Isn't our existence full of ups and downs? However, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Don't base your entire life on one tragic incident. There are numerous positive experiences that shape your personality. There are people who will stand by you. All you have to do is ask. like Max, escapes her depression (Vecna) through song and friends. Depression is like a monster that grabs you and refuses to let you go. It tells you to end your pain, and it reminds you of a dreadful time in your life. But you must determine if you want to continue with it or abandon it. You must take that action to eliminate the Vecna from your life.

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