What does parenting mean in teenage?

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As a teenager, we all would have said a sentence” I would never do this to my kid”. We all would have thought about us being a better parent than ours.

We might have felt suffocated, trapped and pushed by our parents at some point in time. And it brings the worst out of us. As a teenager and adults, we wanted to have fun, explore the world and touch the sky. All the teenage life we chase things that we regret after becoming an adult. Maybe imagining being a better parent is so difficult than our parents trying to figure out a stage between protecting us and giving us freedom.

Don’t we all do it? Protect the things we don’t want to lose we keep checking on them we hold them it little too hard. The ‘what ifs’ haunt us forever. This phrase called the generation gap is always going to be there no matter what.it would be with us and our kids too. yes at times parents hold us a little way too much that breaks a bond between them and us .they aren’t ready to sit down and talk with us and we are not too.

Many of us talk about childhood traumas that highly affect our mental health. Yes, many do but traumas go both ways. Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook it is an art of living and growth together. A child is being moulded by the parent, who they are is who you were or are. Parents aren’t valuable to their kids are kids don’t want to be real with them. Parents don’t want to ask sorry to their kids so the kids aren’t sorry too.

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On the other hand, parents are being left alone in their kid’s world. When a child grows slowly parents are not being a part of their world many parents doesn’t even know their kid, not even a tiny bit .everything goes both ways. Let’s fit in each other’s shoes and not play the “you won’t understand “card anymore.

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