What High Heels Do To You- Its Negative Effect!

High Heels | Do To You | Negative Effect | 23rd September 2022 | Virtual Wire



High heels are a great way to elevate your appearance.

Yes, they are a great fashion statement but not without having some negative side effects when you wear them often. Here are the effects of wearing high heels often on your body:

It affects the brain negatively


Heels construct the blood vessels and nerve supply which may cause headaches and affect mental function.

Back pain


When you wear high heels, your body forcefully adopts a position not natural to make up for the arched elevated position of the foot. Your joints become stressed due to this unnatural change. Back pain can occur.

Knee Pain


High heels cause an increase in knee joint pain and a high tendency to develop conditions like Osteoarthritis. This is a condition common among women so high heels are believed to be the major cause. Wearing high heels often not only causes pain but also weakens the knee too.

It Causes Foot, Toe, and Leg Problems


Blood circulation is negatively affected when high heels are worn often. It can cause the development of Varicose Vein which causes ruptured veins or swollen legs. If you suffer from bunions, blisters, and calluses, you may experience pain if you keep wearing them.

Here's a question- Should Pregnant Women Wear High Heels?


The answer is NO. It is not a good idea at all. Doctors strictly do not advise it. The safety of you and your unborn child (ren) should be the top priority, fashion is not- it is secondary.

Remember, as pregnancy advances, your weight and balance are never the same. Wearing high heels during this period will just cause unnecessary discomfort and pain. Below are some other effects it can have on you:

Less balance: Due to excess weight, your ankle's strength is reduced. Imagine wearing high heels to be supported by that same ankle. This can cause you to trip over. Injury may be caused to you and your unborn child.

Calf Cramps: Your calf muscle is contracted when you wear high heels for a long time. This causes cramps in the calf muscles which during pregnancy may aggravate.

Swelling in the feet: Edema or swelling in the keg is common during pregnancy and wearing high heels for long further aggravates it.

Miscarriage: You could fall which may cause miscarriage.

High heels make you look stunning, no doubt. It elevates your look and outfit but shall we also put into consideration its negative effects? The long-term effects on your overall posture of wearing it too often are not worth it. Do put into consideration its effect before dressing up for your next outing.

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