What is Deep Tech, and why is it important for India!

India | Tech | 14th November 2021 | Virtual Wire


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DeepTech refers to innovations commercialized and is based on scientific or engineering discoveries. They strive to address the world's problems, and these technologies can generate new markets and disrupt established industries.

On the following technologies, DeepTech inventors and investors often view the world through one of the following perspectives. Biotechnology, AI, robotics, quantum computing, sophisticated and advanced manufacturing in the sectors such as healthcare, education, information technology, and so on….the list has no end. But what do you think? Is it easy to implement these deep technologies? Let us find out this answer. As we know, the adaptation of any new technology or even changes in the existing technology can be a little problematic, so we have the deep technology.

Obstacles to Overcoming During Implementation

Marketing Strategies

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Marketing challenges include a lack of adequate market intelligence, incorrect use of such information, and insufficient data on international markets. A lack of complementary corporate infrastructure and human resources may affect commercialization in the business sector. Finding partners and identifying distribution channels may be challenging because this technology is new to the market.

Capital Shortage

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Shortage of capital and infrastructure can be a significant problem. As it is one of the most significant impediments to commercialization. DeepTech enterprises demand more money than traditional tech startups. But this problem might be solved with the help of outsourcing to some extent but not completely.

Challenges of Scale and Time

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It takes concerted R&D to construct real-world business applications and bring them from the lab to the market. For example, academics took decades to build the underlying technology that enables AI, and the technology is still far from perfect. Now, as we know much or less about the challenges. Let us understand the significance of deep technologies in our lives.

What is its significance in India?

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Deep tech provides solutions to complex real-life challenges, such as food, energy, and water. This steadily boosts India's employment rate while also allowing people to demonstrate their abilities. To promote economic growth, India must improve in business governance, healthcare, and education, and deep technology will play a vital part in this transformation.

Almost every aspect of modern civilization appears to be ripe for profound digital disruption. Several other countries have also had food shortages somewhere, sometimes. In some instances, the problem has worsened as a result of the pandemic. Traditional farming methods can be changed with these deep technologies, eliminating the world's hunger crisis. On the other side, as we all know, India is experiencing a severe coal shortage. We can simply eliminate this problem when solar power plants become more prevalent.

Last Thoughts

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In conclusion, deep technology is the future. Its wings are spreading quicker than anything. Deep technology now has a significant impact on nearly every vital sector of the economy, including:

  • Automotive robotics.

  • Smart homes.

  • Smart cities.

  • Healthcare.

  • Finance.

  • Agritech.

  • Ed-tech, and.

  • Energy.

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