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Graphic design could be a valuable tool for designers who want to visualize their ideas.

Hello People! If you want to enhance your knowledge of what precisely graphic design means and its type, you are at the right place. Let's start.

What is graphic design, exactly?

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Graphic design is an area in which people produce visual content to convey their thoughts. Designers utilize composition and graphics to fulfil users' demands and show items in collective designs to advance the user experience.

Importance of Graphic designing

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Graphic design makes it easier to design and project ideas and experiences with visual and textual information," according to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). The visual depiction of specific thoughts or messages is known as graphic design. Simple company logos to complicated internet page layouts are examples of graphics.

Graphic design's purpose

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Graphic design's primary goal is to communicate the information using visuals. It uses text, images, and colours to share specific ideas or messages. Companies can use graphic design for advertising and selling items through advertising. Websites can use Infographics to transmit detailed information in a digestible fashion, and corporations can use branding to build an identity, among other things. Graphic design can serve a variety of purposes and have distinct connotations for different businesses.

Now, let's learn about different styles that are being used by graphic designers.

Graphic design styles

Graphic design encompasses a wide range of specialties. It provides opportunities and options for those with a wide range of interests.

1. Visual identity graphic design

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Your logo, graphics, typography, colours, and creative design all contribute to your visual identity. Visual identity encompasses all graphics and graphical information that expresses a brand's identity and sets it apart from the competition.

2. Marketing & advertising graphic design

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Advertising design can be thought of as a cross between marketing and design. More digital assets have been added to this design style, particularly in content marketing and digital advertising.

Marketing Graphic design examples

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  • Flyers and postcards.

  • Ads in magazines and newspapers.

  • Some of the most used types of advertising are posters, banners, and billboards.

3. User interface graphic design

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User interface (UI)/experience (UX) designers are in charge of a website, app, or other product's "look and feel." To put it another way, they're the ones who choose colours, typefaces, and layouts. UI/UX designers work exclusively on the web instead of graphic designers, primarily in print.

Examples of user interface graphic design

  • Designing a website.

  • Structure of the theme.

  • Interfaces in video games.

  • Designing an app.

4. Packaging graphic design

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Your product's or brand's packaging design is the initial point of contact with your customer. While its primary function is to protect the main product, it also serves as an excellent marketing tool. The construction of a product's exterior is referred to as product package design. This covers material and shape choices and designs, colours, and cases used on the packaging, a carton, a bottle, or any other type of container.

5. Motion graphic design

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Motion graphics designers create artwork for the web, television, and movies. This can include things like movie snippets, trailers, advertising, and title sequences, among other things. They use visual effects, animation, and other cinematic approaches to bring their ideas to life.

Example of Motion graphic design

  • Advertisements.

  • Animated logos.

  • Trailers.

  • Presentations.


Graphic design is a rapidly expanding sector, with an increasing demand for specialized and competent designers. Knowing the many sorts of graphic design will assist you in identifying the specialist you require when seeking someone to take on a design task.

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