What Is Top Tier Gas, And Why Is It Important?

Top | Gas | 30th October 2021 | Virtual Wire

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Unless you have an EV, fuel is necessary for our cars to run. Pumping gas is one of my least favourite things to do, so often, I just go to the nearest gas station when my indicator says I am dangerously low.

Is all fuel really the same? According to the auto industry, the answer is no. Some brands of fuel have products that can help you extend the life of your engine, improve emissions and have a better fuel economy. However, that may not be the best choice in the long run for my car.

Why Top Tier?

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Top Tier Detergent Gasoline is an environmentally-friendly detergent gasoline product that uses biodegradable ingredients. Major automotive companies recommend top-tier gasoline because it helps prevent engine damage in vehicles.

Currently, 11 major automotive companies recommend that drivers use Top Tier fuels to preserve vehicle engine components and reduce emissions. These companies are:

  • Audi

  • Ford

  • Navistar

  • BMW

  • Honda

  • VW

  • GM

  • Detroit Diesel

  • Toyota

  • FCA

  • Mercedes-Benz

When top-tier gasoline products are used, they reduce harmful product buildup that can form deposits on engine parts and negatively impact its overall performance. This video gives additional information about the Top Tier program.

How Does A Gas Station Classify As Top Tier?

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Gas stations enter the Top Tier fuel program voluntarily. These brands pledge to sell fuels that contain higher levels of additives than required by current government standards. In the end, these brands' use of high-quality gasoline products benefits their customer's vehicle performance over its lifetime.

For gas station brands to be classified as a Top Tier brand, the brands must:

  • Use additives for increased engine cleaning ability.

  • It cannot contain environmentally harmful metallic additives.

  • Must be available at all octane levels in the station.

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