What is White Fungus after Black Fungus?: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

After almost 7,000 cases of Black Fungus Mucormycosis in India, white fungus cases are on the rise. Little can be said about the level of threat caused by the white virus, but it is dangerous indeed. Some experts are considering it to be even more deadly than black fungus.


White and black fungus is caused by fungi moulds called mucormycosis present in the environment according to a report by The Times of India.

Why is it considered more lethal than Mucormycosis?

It is considered to be more dangerous due to its severe effect on the lungs and other organs like the brain, stomach, kidneys, skin, nails or even private parts.

Its effect?

White fungus is more likely to affect persons with:

• Low immunity

• Those in contact with water or unsanitary conditions in contact with the mould.

• Comorbidities

• Diabetes

• Cancer

• Those using steroids on a regular basis.

The disease is not communicable but a person is said to be at risk of getting infected since these moulds can easily be inhaled by a patient.


Symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 are shown by the patients of White Fungus. In all four cases of fungus found in Patna, the lungs were affected but the patients tested negative for Covid-19.

Infection might lead to:

• Cough

• Chest pain

• Breathlessness

• Infections

• Pains and headaches

• Swelling

These infections are detectable through X-rays and CT scans and the patients are given anti-fungal medication to treat their condition.

All patients were treated with antifungal medicines and have since shown improvement in their condition, according to SN Singh, head of the microbiology department, Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH), India.

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