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A relief spreads among children in China as China bans written exams for six and seven years old. The government believed the highly competitive education system took a toll not just on the children but also on the parents.

Previously it was mandatory for the students to attempt the exams from the primary grade till the entrance exams for University admissions. But considering the deterioration of the physical and mental health of the students, the education ministry ruled out written exams and also deducted the number of tests and exams a school would undertake per semester.

The ministry also stated about the excessive exams happening in certain schools draining the students. The changes in the education system didn't just stop at the primary or secondary grade but we're also extended to non-graduating junior high students. Weekly tests, unit tests, and monthly tests are strictly prohibited along with the exams held under the name of academic research.

Even with an attempt to relive the apprentice, the reforms didn't stop social media platforms booming with people questioning how schools would measure the capabilities without any exams. However, these questions were only answered by stating that the current reforms in the education sector are a tiny part of the governmental reforms.

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In late July, the online private tutoring firms were stripped down as many middle-class parents couldn't afford the fees and the firms were ordered to be turned into non-profit. The firms were also instructed to give core subject tutoring only on weekends. The major purpose was to strip out education inequality as more affluent parents would opt to spend thousands on their children to get into top schools.

The obsession with education also gave rise to property issues as families with good financial backgrounds would take over the property in school catchment areas. Earlier this year the country also uplifted the two-child birth limit as the population growth slowed down over the decades. Teachers in all schools must be shuffled every six years to avoid the concentration of top talent.

Even with all the reforms, it's very difficult to break the mentality of parents who always thought of education as social mobility. For some families in rural sectors education was the only way to reach out to better job prospects at top universities. What are your opinions about the reforms in the education system of China?

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