What's happening with the women in Afghanistan!

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The entire world is now aware of the fear the Taliban have spread over Afghanistan in order to grow their power. With thousands of people fleeing to save their lives and their families right from throwing their kids over the boundaries to the forces and whatnot.

This fear doesn't just end here but also has restricted the women to step out. The former deputy defence minister Munera Yousufzada also mentioned that the biggest fear of women in Afghanistan is the Taliban.

As the Taliban moves ahead to control over their new Islamic emirate in Afghanistan, women have been isolated in their houses which means an end to their social life and also their struggle for freedom and inequality. Even the human rights activists are unsure if the Ministry of Women's affair will ever reopen till the time the Taliban is in power.

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Along with this international help for females is suspended and it's very hard to conclude if it will come back into the picture. Two weeks after the fall of Kabul the Taliban government spoke about being "inclusive" however their actions are completely contrasting. Few sources mentioned suicide attacks killing almost 1000 people which also included 13 U.S. service members as an attempt to discourage educated people from leaving the country.

The Taliban acclaim the responsibility however the Afghans suspect the Haqqani network which is in close alignment with the Taliban more likely the delinquent. The Taliban have imposed new rules stating that all women should follow Sharia law. The women are scared as these imposing rules might lead to them leaving their work and not stepping out without the presence of a male and only in an all-covering burka which sounds similar to the Taliban's 1996-2001 regime.

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Prior to 2001 girls were allowed education only in secrecy. Women were persecuted out in daylight for minor transgressions like wearing the wrong shoes. So far the women are not allowed to work and few ones working in news and AIR are allowed but only after being forced to wear more modest clothing on or off the air altogether.

Few editors also mentioned the enforcement to remove women from presenting positions. In few parts, women are being married to Taliban fighters. The Taliban's announced that women should stay indoors in order to be safe from abuse by their young fighters because they "lack discipline".

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Even with the environmental fear lingering around some women gathered the courage to hold small public protests to be respected for their gains made in the past two decades. Women have been guaranteed equality and protection post-2001 constitution and mandatory 68 out of 249 seats. With all the current scenarios women in Afghanistan feel uncertain and lost regarding their future and describe their lives as "living in a black hole of hopelessness".

How many more years will it take for a woman to be free and liberal?

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