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Watsapp is an internationally available American freeware, cross-platform centralized instant messaging (IM) and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service owned by Meta Platforms.

It is the most reliable information-transferring tool. In WhatsApp, we can share texts, images, voice messages, gif documents, and user locations in a simple, fast, and secure way but data charges apply. With WhatsApp, we can promote our products/services and engage with the audience. The Whatsapp Business app is available for Android as well as iOS users you can set Marketing to promote your business. Key advantages of adding WhatsApp to your marketing strategy:


  • A private and secure platform.

  • Real-time customer service and support.

  • A highly engaging digital channel.

  • A personal and trusted channel.

  • Used by different demographics.

  • Unlocks valuable customer insight.

WhatsApp marketing is a boon for your sales. adding a phone number on your website results in more sales leads. It becomes to beat the opportunity to reach a brand with confidence in potential customers. WhatsApp Marketing considers 100% legal in India. Top Indian Businesses and Startups are using WhatsApp Marketing to attract customer service & improve sales. Some of the prominent names include Byju, Suwasthi, Vivo, Rentomojo, etc. With faster customer services most businesses enable WhatsApp marketing. businesses can directly contact users on their phones. Mainly WhatsApp is a secure platform to exchange Data. There is no longer misuse it happens. Customers always need a secure platform. WhatsApp Business requires a business to verify each account, so customers can be assured that they are in contact with a verified company.

Most of the disadvantages of WhatsApp marketing consider here:


  • Whatsapp Does Not Provide legal Data Protection.

  • Whatsapp Mixes Private and Business Communication.

  • Whatsapp Does Not Protect Against Data Loss.

  • Whatsapp Does Not Support Enterprise File Sharing Solutions.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Features. sendWe can Send 1000's Of Messages to all contacts including contacts not saved in your contact list Import Multiple Contacts Import all contact details from Excel, CSV, or TXT files or by copying and pasting. Customized & Personalized Messages Send personalized messages with greetings such as the receiver's name.

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