When science meets marketing: Neuromarketing!

Neuromarketing | Science | 03rd February 2022 | Virtual Wire



A branch of marketing that takes neuroscience tools and applies them to study and understand the brain to optimize marketing actions in a company.

A company can use it to choose the smell of a product, the flavour, for communication, the packaging or the product, and many more options. Neuromarketing uses neuroscience tools such as an electrocardiogram or magnetic resonance imaging. This leads to much deeper research and data collection to make marketing decisions considering the unconscious inner variable of the human brain. Implementing it does not always imply marketing success, but it does give the company a deeper analysis perspective.

The difference between traditional marketing and neuromarketing is the data collection method. In the first one, the methods used are more related to the interests and desires that the specialists consider that the target audience may have. In the case of neuromarketing, the methods are scientific and study those unconscious data that live in each human brain that we can only know through studies. In addition, it draws on other sciences such as psychology. Neuromarketing seeks to understand both biological and unconscious brain processes.


It would not be strange that when reading about neuromarketing we can read about memory, learning or emotions. All these accessories are also part of our conscious and unconscious decisions as consumers. Why do we choose one brand over another? Why do we feel an affinity or get excited about some advertising? Why do we think a brand is positive? All these aspects have to do with the internal mental models that direct us It's no surprise that companies are increasingly interested in these new marketing tools. Being able to understand the consumer's brain and its unconscious is a great way to seek to optimize business results.

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