Where Does It End (Another Set of Deaths, Another Curfew)?

Nigeria | Curfew | End | Death | 26th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

In the village of Yelwan Zangam[Nokia 2.21], located in Jos, Plateau State, about thirty-five people were killed by the Fulani Herdsmen set.

People lost families and friends from this unjust attack that happened while a six. a.m to six. p.m curfew was on in that location. The attack was said to have supposedly occurred around eight. p.m.

People woke up to the disheartening sound of a bomb destroying the access bridge that leads to the village.

As a result of this sad event, about ten human corpse were taken to the State Government premises by mourners, to show the Governor (Hon. Simon Bako Lalong) their desperation for something to be done to vindicate the innocent. His response was to instil another twenty-four-hour curfew in the region. The question is, how effective is this?

Every society needs a leader who feels what they feel. It seems Hon. Simon Bako Lalong doesn't get this. His responses to this internal crisis in the state continue to make the people question his concern for them.

Families and friends have been lost once again, and their relatives keep wondering where it ends. They might get locked in their houses now, but their hearts stretch beyond the walls seeking justice over the deaths of loved ones.

The Fulani Herdsmen are becoming a serious menace. Nigeria needs all the prayers she can get. [Nokia 2.21] https://www.vanguardngr.co/2021/08/nda-jos-attacks-reps-demand-forensic-investigation/

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