" Why always Manpower:- Talk about Woman's power"

Manpower | Woman's power | Awareness | 22nd October 2022 | Virtual Wire



One should never underestimate the power of a woman, they have the vision of changing the world.

A woman can literally do whatever they want. Today women are doing great in all the fields

be it military, medicine, fashion, entertainment, architecture and others. Not just this but they have the art of managing their household chores, business, and kids all together which a man surely can't. They have the strength to bear the worst of all the pains that are either giving birth to a child or menstruation cramps. There are a lot more things a man can't do but a woman can. Even scientists believe that women are more powerful and have more endurance than men. Still, when it comes to strength or power, the world always talks about man, why? Women might have stood for themselves long back if they would have given equal opportunities to education and other fields rather than getting married at a very early point in their life. When it comes to education, boys are preferred and girls are not, but when it comes to family, girls always stand by them and boys sometimes might not. Girls know sacrifice, value of emotions, if they can devote their whole life to their families, think about the dedication, determination and devotion they can give to the work of their will and changing the world.


It's important that campaigns like "Beti Bachao Beti padhao," work more actively in spreading awareness and supporting the girl child so that they can come out with flying colours. Sensitizing and encouraging women towards education embracement enables them to be set free from ignorance, poverty and starvation. Hence, education is continuing as the most practicable avenue for women's empowerment. And not just the others but girls themselves need to take a stand for their own education and speak up for their rights, rights of taking their own decisions and having access to bank accounts, healthcare and employment opportunities. They need to identify their worth and instead of falling prey to early marriages, girls should focus more on building their careers and future. If they won't speak for themselves, then no one else can. Even in workplaces, women get less paid than men even for the same hours and the same work.


Still, they don't speak up for themselves and the reason behind this is the atmosphere they are brought up in. Their families always teach them to support, listen and prioritise their father, brother or husband more than themselves. Simply they have to live under male control. And this makes them so underconfident that they forget to fight for their rights. The ethics of society are way more different for men and women. Everyone knows that a woman contributes more to society than a man. Be it social, cultural or economic growth, women play all their roles to the fullest. Women are considered solely responsible for child and family responsibilities and burdened with the pressure of society when they express their will to work or do something for themselves. Why not the child and family be taken care of by the man of the house? If it's their family, then the responsibilities should also be theirs, not only hers. The culture and ethics that have become obstacles in the path of the success of a woman need to be changed and the world needs to understand the fact that a woman has the power to change the world.

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