Why Do Cats Like Milk: Should You Treat Your Kitty?

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It has become a custom to feed cats with milk, it’s a very common scene to see cats being fed milk and they seem to enjoy it.

In so many shows it’s a wonderful sight to see them enjoy milk, it’s only natural to conclude that milk is healthy for cats but ironically milk isn’t healthy and suitable for felines. If so why do they enjoy it so much? Even though it is known to cause diarrhoea and stomach pain in cats. Diarrhoea is risky to the health of cats as it leads to damage to the gastrointestinal tract, and loss of fluid leads to dehydration. You might be wondering why people still feed milk to cats. Several veterinary doctors discourage feeding these fur balls any dairy products due to their lactose intolerance. If your cat is fed a balanced diet they do not need the extra fat from drinking milk. Sit back while your curiosity gets answered.

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Cat Cow’s Milk


Most cats are lactose intolerant; this means they do not possess the enzyme (lactase) to digest lactose (sugar) present in cow’s milk. It is a different case for kittens, the digestive system of kittens possesses the enzyme (lactase) in their intestine but the adult cats do not possess this enzyme and the ability to milk sugar (lactose) and the lactose in the milk may cause stomach upset and diarrhoea. If you still wish to give your cat milk then it’s better to get special lactose-free cat milk from a supermarket or a pet store.

Ways To Ensure Your Cat Stays Hydrated


Dehydration in cats is the loss of fluid from the cat’s body, some essential minerals like sodium, chloride, and potassium are lost. Dehydration in cats can lead to diabetes, kidney failure and other conditions. Cats need to consume around 60ml of water a day. Making sure to keep a clean fresh bowl of water in the right place can keep your feline hydrated. Another way to ensure your cat stays hydrated is by regularly feeding them wet food. Best Drinks For Your Feline Friend. Water is the best drink you can give to your cat, but you can make some tweaks by offering them goat’s milk which is digestible amongst cats with lactose intolerance and a little bit of broth or even tuna juice can make your cat’s diet juicier.

Other Treats To Feed Your Bundle Of Fur


Some DIY treats that make up a healthy diet for your cat are salmon, spinach, fish oil, eggs, oatmeal, and tuna treats!

Why do Cats Like Creams So Much?


Even though it’s unhealthy for them, drinking milk comes instinctively to cats because they’re able to smell the fat and protein in dairy products and are instantly attracted to it. Cats may not be aware of the consequences of taking cow milk, but you certainly know that now; Do not make the mistake of feeding your bundle of fur cow’s milk.

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