Why Do We Hold on For a Long Time?

Hold | Time | 06th July 2022 | Virtual Wire



When someone talks about letting go, for a few moments, you will realize that this advice is right. But after a few moments, you'll be back to your regular task of holding things. Why does this happen?

Why can't we just dismiss anything that no longer matters? Why do we keep convincing ourselves that there is still time to make things right? Many of us are still looking for answers to these kinds of questions. It is easy to say that everything will be alright in order to move forward, but to accept certain situations takes weeks, months, and sometimes years. When you are grieving, your body becomes powerless and your mind stops functioning properly. At that moment, you are at the weakest point of your life. You want to put an end to this agonizing torment. You want to hide from the world so that nobody can see the vulnerable parts of your personality. You don’t know what you want. Every time you try to avoid the darkness, it keeps pulling you towards itself. It's like the more you want to pretend that everything is alright, the more it reminds you of the source of the problem.


Most of us scared of trying new things in our lives. No one wants to take the risk of going out of their comfort zone. When we hold on to specific events we afraid to accept change. We get stuck and helpless. Change means the beginning of a new version of yourself, learning new areas of life and avoiding all the gloomy periods of your life, and so on. It does sound beautiful and motivating. However, based on your circumstances, you will believe it is wrong. You will think that you are being unfair to yourself or to the person for whom you are grieving. You will wonder ‘why is this happening to me', and in the end, you might hurt your loved ones while searching for those answers.

Acceptance is the ultimate solution. Yeah, the reality is not sweet. But you have to embrace it. Look, at some point in time, you want to get out of your darkness and have to choose the path of light. The moment you tell your mind to allow positivity to heal your body, it will work according to it. You don’t need to forget or abandon those incidents from your bad moments. Those moments are your strongest as well as your weakest. Allowing things to go will heal the wounds that were causing you pain. You need to believe in the process and time. It will be really difficult for you to allow yourself to be in a new setting at this time. To heal yourself, you must accept the possibility of moving forward. The path from denial to acceptance is never pleasant. It is sometimes tough to cope since your emotional level is so high. Let it go. Your traumatic experiences are not to blame for your future possibilities. It is "you" who can modify it.

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