Why is there a division?

Division | 06th July 2022 | Virtual Wire



The universe has many planets and one among such planets is Earth. On this Earth, people are living in different parts of the world.

An average life span of a human is about 80 years nowadays. Since the life span is short why do you want to make yourself busy in not living and maintaining your harmony? The problem is the division. Everything has boundaries. Boundaries are not the style of India. India is a welcoming country for Friendhip and Peaceful prosperity. India is known for living in harmony. Taking an instance in history, the rishis and sages lived in forests. People even maintained a relationship with animals at that time by meeting them there in their homes, not in the zoos and circuses.

The boundary was the major division. In that division, there arises another classification

under the title gender. Both are the creation of the almighty and in what way one is superior to the other? One may be superior to another because of the individual talent but not because of the stereotyped facts. Another gender is transgender. As they are just “new” they are in no way different from “humans”. Everyone has to understand the fact that transgender is new and not different.


Actually speaking, it is in no way new as people are well aware of the god Arthanadheeshwarar, the half Shiva and half Shakthi. But nowadays people are appreciably

becoming familiar with them. Other than that LGBT community, is also a part of nature. All these centuries people get attracted to the opposite sex. But here it is not the same and for that fact, one can not ignore them completely or have a pre-conceived opinion of them. Everyone must understand that they are also a similar human, like oneself and it is totally normal as it is due to the biological changes.

It is also a part of nature. You can not blame nature. Religion is for the development of tradition and culture. Every religion is unique in its own way. Caste and community are to serve the people in a better way not to treat them with partiality. Where and why does the concept of racism emerge? It is totally unnatural to create the division as both white and black are the product of nature as day and night. The world is not a place to create enmity. It is to love and enjoy.


Everyone has aims that are different from each other. Most of them get deviated from it. For example, to live a happy life, people started to earn. But when he started to earn he forgot the purpose of his earning and continued running, leaving his happiness aside. If working is his happiness, then I appreciate it. But what if it is not so. Do not deviate from the purpose as the ultimate purpose of life is to live happily and not to grow old without memories.

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