Why isn’t Education enough?

Education | Importance | 30th October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Why don’t we know what we want in life after years of schooling and college? What do we really learn when we can’t even decide what we want to become. Because people are tailor-made and education is not.

Education doesn’t care who you want to become all it does is copy-paste the same kind of people. From the method of teaching to the method of evaluation it doesn’t care. After 12 years of schooling, a student is given a choice of fitting their whole future into 4 groups and from there it will hit you hard enough that “ it’s not enough” .education should make a person feel more confident not dumb. It doesn’t make us think of whys and why not’s.

When it comes to applying our knowledge in a practical sense we feel like what we learn makes no sense. No school or college tells us or helps us find what we are capable of; we Indians aren’t dumb we are undiscovered. Most of our abilities are not been found because we are busy mugging up formulas that we have no idea where it will be used in life. A kid should be educated on all aspects of life, sex, gender, relationship, emotional intelligence.

They should be let free to explore themselves. most of the school’s rules are still rules that don’t have any impact on a child’s growth. Learning not just start from school it starts from home. A home is a place that determines how a child grows up to be. Let them ask questions let them wonder the whys. The values they pick up from home set the base for their mindset. Education in India is also divided just like us people. Sates boards, central board and various. The choice is great but education should not be used to differentiate people.

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When developing skills are prior to marks we might become great professionals and students. Marks are not the motive of education it just a part. Skills, talents have nothing to do with the grades we hold many students die due to these competitive exams which are not helping us prove anything but more depression. comparative exams are great but are students been trained and skilled enough to face those. A 20-year-old syllabus can’t tell us anything other than we are still a developing country Changes the education will change the future and better.

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