Why Should You Start Reading Books?

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Do you have a habit of reading books? Or are you someone who wants to start reading books and make it a routine?

Then this blog can be helpful for you. It has been estimated by researchers that reading can enhance cognitive ability. Your brain will force you to consider a particular story in depth as you read more suspenseful or intriguing books. It will lead you to improve your memory power as well as assist you in observing everything critically. Those who read fiction books can feel things from others' perspectives. Even doctors suggest their patients read books for those struggling with anxiety and depression. Reading a book undoubtedly helps to settle our racing minds. We can also acquire a lot of new languages that will be beneficial.

Have you ever wondered why successful people such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk are so wealthy? The solution is simple: they read books. Yes, it is correct. Despite having a busy schedule at work, they set aside 30 minutes each day for book reading. Reading books will broaden your horizons and allow new concepts to enter your mind. Nobody is so busy that they can't spend 30 minutes each day reading a book. However, daily practice can help you become a better reader.


There is no need to start reading books that others are reading. You will get tired soon. The reason is that others have been reading books for a long time. So they can read any genre without any trouble. Therefore, you start with something simple that you can enjoy and learn from it. Start reading books by Ruskin Bond. His books are great for beginners. The language of his books is easy to moderate. You will love reading his books because they are engaging. You can read young adult genre books as well. Y A Books are best if you have just started your journey of reading books. This kind of genre is related to reality.

But I like John Green and began my reading habit with his works. You can pick any book by John Green, and trust me, you will love it. If you are not into fiction, then there are plenty of non-fiction books available on Amazon. To enhance your reading level, you can join reading associations on Facebook or create an account on GoodReads to get new suggestions for books every week. To become a better reader, you have to get out of your comfort zone. If you find it hard to read books, you can start by reading short stories, blogs, and articles on Google. Even if you read for 10 minutes a day, you are doing much better than those who don't read at all.

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