Why Should You Talk To Yourself!

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Talking to yourself has been a hot topic nowadays. You may find influencers repeatedly saying how this simple habit has changed their life. Still, people find it lunatic behaviour. While society's opinions don't matter much, let us see what is it and how it can be beneficial for you.

Definition: It's the art of communicating with yourself through verbal and nonverbal means where internal thoughts, beliefs and introspection play a vital role. While it's hard to understand someone's situation without being there yourself, self-talk can really help find the way. Sometimes we face uncertainty and need opinions but it becomes difficult to convey our feelings through words. In such a situation, we wonder what we should do to overcome this misery. Self-talk is the ultimate saviour in such situations.

How to do it?


The whole process starts with questioning yourself. The very moment when you ask questions to yourself instead of someone else, your brain gets activated and tries to find a solution. You realize it's not as hard as it seems. Even if your brain becomes unable to find the solution, still it gets closer to it. It increases your ability to think. Your analytical skills get enhanced.

Why does it?

Enhances Focus


When you think about it instead of searching it on google or asking people, it increases your concentration. Being there for yourself in the toughest situations and reminding yourself of your progress helps more than you think.



Outer Motivations that come through motivational videos, quotes and books can motivate you for a short period of time. But it doesn't really work in the long run. Sometimes they work as drugs that increase the level of serotonin and dopamine hormone in your body. You tend to watch them every 5 minutes later. As a result, you just binge-watch them while procrastinating. But that motivation which comes from the inside of your heart motivates you in the long run. When you push yourself behind the limits, your brain feels more strength. When you rely on outer motivation, your brain feels weak. That's why it's important to encourage self-talk.

Stay Calm Under Pressure


Cussing or screaming with anger doesn't really help to solve any problem. It just shows how impatient you are. But talking to yourself doesn't involve such things. You tend to understand the reasons and deepness of the problem. It helps you figure the solution out.



Encouraging yourself with positive words increases your level of confidence. It's very important to embrace our souls. When you thank your soul after doing a great job or say sorry after something terrible, you feel more comfortable.



Instead of finding help elsewhere, when you find it in yourself, it doesn’t only save time and energy but increases your chance of finishing tasks before others. You tend to be more analytical and focus on the smallest things. You feel more productive. Actually, there are a lot more benefits but what about finding them yourself?



Although some people see it as a crazy thing to do, probably they don't even know its significance. Stop caring about how others interpret it, do it for yourself. But everything is good until a limit. So, be careful about it.

Concerns Related


Although very rare self-talk can sometimes be a symptom of underlying diseases. Schizophrenia involves a disease that involves self-talk. A schizophrenic patient hallucinates and talks to voices that don't really exist. If you suffer from these symptoms, contact a therapist as soon as possible.

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