Why Try to Impress Others?

Impress others | Why | Thought | 08th July 2022 | Virtual Wire



The kind of life we are living is highly competitive. Every one of us is striving to be perfect. The hunger for seeking attention is accumulating day by day.

Everyone wants to be the star of their life. It is getting so horrible that popularity starts defining your dignity. Nowadays, everybody is so jealous of each other that we don't even bother to acknowledge each other's accomplishments. No matter how much you pretend to show off your gratitude for others' success. Deep down your heart is burning with jealousy. You want to be a famous person, you want to get praised by others, and you want to set up an example. But is it possible to do this? Yes, you can. Okay, but why do you want to do it? Is there any specific reason? Or do you want it because others are getting all the attention and you are not getting anything?

I am sure, the third answer is your response. Other people have set an example in society with their own abilities. That doesn't mean you have the same power to become a real hero. You may be furious at seeing others who are getting the whole attention to themselves. It is very common to discern in the internet era where everyone is dying to get praised by others. From waking up to going to sleep, we want to impress people by showing how unique we are. If you think of it as a good example of sustaining life, you are going on the wrong path.


We, humans, are always inclined toward seeking tenderness from others. Why do we do that? Have you asked yourself this question? Why do we worry about the fear of missing out (FOMO)? The only answer to this question is to fill the void. You might have noticed that when nothing interests you, social media is always there for you to erase your loneliness. You see others on Instagram and Facebook, who are sharing pictures of their travelling to different countries. Suddenly you feel empty and start looking for something that can restore the void. You begin to look in your device's gallery to find some beautiful pictures to post on Instagram to show everyone that you are enjoying life. After posting the picture you started getting a lot of likes and comments. You feel joyful after someone tells you, beautiful. It gives you so much satisfaction. But it will give you enjoyment in the first few weeks of the month.

Later you will start hating yourself. You will do a lot of stuff to create yourself the best version to impress others. Then ultimately, you would be living life based on how others want it. This is sick, to be honest. Remember, nobody cares how you are living and what you are wearing. Even if you transform yourself completely people still find flaws in you. Making someone happy by wearing branded clothes, spending money on unnecessary things so that others find you cool or trying risky things to get noticed, is simply unpleasant. There is always a joy in impressing others but it should be in a limited manner. Imagine how much energy you will lose after impressing a bunch of people, who will never be going to remember you at all.

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