Why women should be financially independent!

Women | Financial | 17th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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In today’s generation time has changed to such an extent that every single thing is changing with the course of time be it the Building’s, infrastructure, education, sense of dressing, money, language and much more.

We as human beings are living in the 21st century and are witnessing all the advances made in the universe for the well-being of human beings. After ages and ages of change and experience yet there is one factor that remains constant and stagnant, that is the topic of women. Many say that it should not be a topic of concern as most women are doing well in their life. But doing well has no comparison with the financial stability they should accomplish. Although we say India has progressed in a way when it comes to the mentality of the society it is male dominated in all spheres. Society till this day is male dominated which makes women less in power and men try to keep such ambitious women or career oriented women under control by practising their dominance.

In the midst of all these another question that arises is why women should be financially independent, Why should they even be given the right to earn and go outside or do what all the men do in society? The answer to all these lies in the question itself which means WHY NOT. Why can’t women be financially independent? Has there been any rule made that says that women are not allowed to cross this boundary or else it will affect their character or personality in all? Gods have created all human species as equal and unique in their own way. If god itself has created man and women as equal then who are we to judge and change the meaning of it?

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As the ages went by women were trapped by the dominating behaviours of the men, some were forced to marry a man who had violent dysfunctional behaviour and yet had to resist and stay quiet because they had no other option. Some were kept under pressure and told to behave and act in a certain way, some were told to dress properly, some were also flirted with as they got no parents, some were raped, some were traumatised, some were killed because their husband or lovers couldn’t deal with women saying NO to their face. This precisely shows the men playing the power role not only from now but for years. Sad to even know that many women out there not just in India but in the world have been going through such men.

Women should be financially independent because if they are so then they will hold power and exercise and take decisions accordingly. They will learn to know how to handle money. Financial independence not only gives the freedom to own your money but also allows the women as an individual to grow more on their ideas, invest in them, travel more, have more social connections etc. women not only feel free but then don’t rely on their husband for money or even ask from them. They take major decisions in life because of the experience they get from working. It gives them a sense of belief that they can do anything.

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Women are also the birth givers according to nature, so men should be practically a little bit scared of women as they can do something which men biologically can’t. It’s sometimes funny to know that when it comes to praying gods, people believe in gods like Durga ma, Parvati ma, Saraswati ma etc. and give the utmost respect when it comes to gods but what does happen in the case of humans. The only answer to such question is that women stand on their legs and make a living out of their life where they don’t have to depend on anyone for anything. The reason is that if the men can earn, so can the women and that means both have equal rights and opportunities to do new things in life. Thus women should keep striving for financial independence as it opens doors for them and gives wings to their dreams.

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