Will you be able to get a PS5 on Black Friday?

Black Friday | PS5 | 14th November 2021 | Virtual Wire


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As the mega deals are quickly heading our way, one big question people are asking is; will I be able to get a deal on a PS5?

The good news is it appears that most retailers have recently restocked on consoles like the

PS5 and Xbox One, and they should be holding on to a few products for the upcoming Black

Friday sales. After a year's delay, these systems are finally available again, but they will surely run out just as quickly as soon as they are stocked up.

The PS5 has been hard to get a hold of since it was released in November of 2020. Its launch

happened during a global pandemic and massive quarantine which led to a spike in its demand. The games offered people some entertainment while they were stuck indoors, so everyone was trying to buy one. Unfortunately for both customers and the company, there was a shortage of a computer chip that’s used to make these electronics.

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This shortage happened just after the PS5’s release. The high volume of initial sales combined with the shortage of computer chips made it nearly impossible to find a PS5 for the rest of 2020 and most of 2021. While the shortage of chips is now coming to an end, the consoles are making their way back in stock. Although the product is slowly returning to stores, it is still in high demand and will be sold out fast. It will be possible to find one on Black Friday, but the best way to go about it is to have an idea of where to look.

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You need to know where the PS5s will be stocked and when the deals begin. There are some guides online on how to follow the restocking schedule so eager shoppers can come up with a game plan. Here is one of those guides that has some good advice on how and where to find the best PS5 deals this season! Good luck and happy shopping!

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