Women a Mere to a Hot Topic?

Women | Mere | Hot Topic | 06th July 2022 | Virtual Wire



The answer is so simple that it totally depends on how you take it. But, every woman should know the power of being a woman.

It is not necessary to have a placard and shout for gender equivalence or for the superiority or upper hand of women. The major problem is the division of gender. Why should we divide as men and women? If we see, a man, he might be bad or good; he might be clever or innocent; he might be strong or weak; he might be a womanizer or a chaste man. In the same way, a woman might be bad or good; she might be clever or innocent; she might be strong or weak; she might be a chaste woman or a prostitute. So, never judge a person by general sayings about a man or a woman.


But there is always hype and scene around the word woman. At times the mere word becomes the topic and eventually becomes a trending topic. It is how society is designed, no matter in what corner of the world you live. But it’s different today. Because you are the society today. It is in your hands to change the view that, there is no such thing called a boon or curse for being a woman. In nowadays’ society both men and women are earning, both are cooking, and both shares their responsibility in parenting and taking care of the family. Henceforth, there should be no special focus on women, making a bomb from a balloon.

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