Women Empowerment!

Women Empowerment | Life | Thought | 10th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



A woman doesn’t need a word to describe herself. She is a complete package of understanding, loyalty, sacrifice, prosperity and most important motherhood.

She gives birth to a new child, generates a new life within herself. Does she need the tag women empowerment? The answer is obviously no. Then you must have a question: why am I writing on this topic? Let me explain to you…There is a net in our surroundings which binds women to step out, may it be the net of respect or fear. Just to bring a positive impact on the mindset of people, I am writing on this topic.

Women this is not a tough task to take a, stand for yourself. You should move forward and take small steps to unbound yourself from this orthodox society. You should speak against what is not right for you, I know you have that courage within you. A lady that can generate a new life within herself can change anything in this world. She can either make it rich or ruin it. So from now, you have to stand for yourselves, unban the boundaries. There should be no one who should write for your empowerment. You are self capable to protect yourself and taking a stand for yourself.


I hope that you got my point very clearly enough that there is no need for others to take a stand for you. You are not to be called innocent, at times of need, you must have to bring the goddess of justice Kaali within yourself.

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