Women- The Cornerstone of a Family's Overall Health!

Women | Family | Health | 13th February 2022 | Virtual Wire


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Women are considered to be the overall health keeper of the family, but have we ever shown concern towards the women in our family?

The males of the family and even the children get their health checked regularly leaving behind the sisters and mothers of the family. Women and men can have the same health problems, but the problems affect women adversely. As a matter of the fact, Women are more likely to die from a heart attack than men, women and are more likely to show signs of depression and anxiety than men. Women are more prone to affect by sexually transmitted diseases than men. They are more likely to have urinary-related issues. The problems during pregnancy, menopause, menarche are faced by the females.

To improve the health of the women most efficiently adequate resources need to be allocated to the prevention, management, and treatment of different diseases in women. It has also been noticed women are more likely to die from NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES than COMMUNICABLE ones. NCDs include diabetes, dementia, depression, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and respiratory diseases. Now the question arises, what steps should be taken to improve the overall health of the keeper of the family?

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  • Increase awareness, promote research, indulge women in studies in a greater number, implement policies and interventions to prevent, treat and optimize outcomes from diseases in women.

  • To design, evaluate, and deliver the best healthcare policies for the prevention and treatment of diseases in women and should ensure that appropriate numbers of women should be included in scientific research and studies.

Women's health research is critically important. The problem that was noticed among a large proportion of the women is that they do not have the required knowledge about the diseases by which they are diagnosed. It is important to throw light on common health problems and issues such that women have the full knowledge of the disease and can take concerning steps to further prevent their health from deteriorating. Social conditions and cultural norms that limit women’s access to health services, education, and economic opportunities are at the root of women’s health disparities and exacerbate the feminization of poverty as measured by the higher percentage of female-headed households who are poor.

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Studies and many types of research have shown that maternal illness and behaviour have a deep impact on children, which implies a negative impact on society. If the mother or women of the family are well-nourished and educated then she can uplift the whole family and vice-versa. Women’s education is another contributing factor for the upliftment of the children of the house. We should provide women with health throughout their lives and they can provide a healthier and wealthier world for all of us. The areas where women face issues are in particular sexual and reproductive care. Women’s health should be the family’s priority because after all family’s the only priority of women.

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