Work From Home a Blessing In Disguise?

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Everything in this world has two sides namely advantages and disadvantages, so we have to work from the home process.

Let's try to understand the insights of working from home in brief.

Makes the process easy going

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It gives a chance to companies to hire the best candidates at lower costs. Few applications enable virtual interview processes and conferencing team meetings that make recruitment teams hire candidates while working from home.

Employees can apply for jobs across the world. They can even serve without physical presence for social distancing, which is very important even now, almost one year after the pandemic. Work from home speeds up the whole process, from hiring candidates to the assignment of Work to them.

Increase in productivity with incentives and flexible schedules

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Some surveys showed that employees' productivity in sectors like information technology increased in Work from home in lockdown. Home gives employees a comfortable working environment, so employees can even manage Work inflexible schedules. Some companies do not cut off the salaries and even provide incentives to their employees in this lockdown. This helps in encouraging employees to increase their productivity even higher during this lockdown.

Passion and hobbies with quality time with families


People having hobbies are fortunate. Doing Work from home lets working people have more time in their hands to pursue or to relive their hobbies and passions. Some of them are even living far away from their parents and families for their jobs. This Work from home gives such people a chance to spend time with their family. People adopted roles like virtual tutors, artists, musicians, writers, poets, chefs, etc., with their office work. In this way, they balanced their professional and personal life well during pandemics.

Internet connectivity and distractions


Although we live in a society with the fastest internet speed, sometimes internet issues could arise during Work from home, and it might take some more time to get back in pace. As if we are working from the office we have people in the next room or on the next floor who can help us straight. While working from home, some of us may experience less equipment that distracts us from our Work.

Lack of social gatherings


Social distancing is an important factor to break the chain of coronavirus. Still, this distance from people is causing a significant impact on mental health. Lack of community sometimes lowers the effectiveness of an individual. Lastly, man is a social animal, and it is sometimes difficult to work alone.


It totally depends on the perspective of an individual on how they are treating this. For some people work from home is relaxation, and for others, it is a facility that might help us push our limits. Work from home allows women or girls to work late at night without considering security issues. In contrast, lack of physical communication may increase cultural gaps between us. Using personal laptops by the employees might increase the risk of data security for the company.

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