Working out sounds like a nightmare? No more!

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Does the thought of getting up in the morning, changing into gym clothes and then spending an hour running, lifting weights, doing planks, sound like a nightmare to you? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page. Because you need to hear this.

Here’s a step by step guide to ease your mind into the process of exercising. But before that, I need you to get up from your current position and take a step forward. Now, did you know that your body just made a movement that requires 200 muscles to work together? Surprise surprise! So back to the point, you need to get through your mental block first. Thoughts like ‘oh god, this looks intense and I can’t do what not should be immediately thrown away and out of your brain’s window.

To start working out, the only requirements you need to have are willingness, determination and consistency. Once you tick all three boxes, you are good to go! Once you start working out, you will sense discomfort all over your body. Muscle pain, sore legs and whatnot. But this is a good sign as your body is warming up to the idea of burning calories and sweating beads.

Planning your exercise routine is important. So take your time and research well. Pick a workout routine keeping your comfort in mind. Don’t look for shortcuts but at the same time don’t go for something too extreme because your body will find it very hard to keep up and it will be a train wreck!

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If thoughts of working out in a crowded gym give you anxiety, then start small. Buy a yoga mat, fill that water bottle, turn up some music and create your own mini-gym vibes in the room. As long as you are sweating, you are doing great! Most importantly, align your routine as per your workout goals. If you know what you want to achieve, it’s easier to go through the process as you’ll be motivated to deliver results. But don’t just chase results, instead chase discipline.

For all the procrastinators in the house who find it hard to ‘show up’ each day. Here’s a tip- make short goals for every month, set targets & deadlines and keep monitoring your progress. This is a good trick as you’re not likely to bail out on your own deadlines. And over a period of time, you’ll see significant changes. These changes will motivate you to keep going and push yourself to get better.

Now that you’ve eased into the process of exercising, remember to stay consistent. If you're a busy day and can’t dedicate an hour then cut your workout short for the day. Because something is always better than nothing! If you are consistent in your exercising routine, you will see the difference and trust me, you’ll be glad you started this journey. Working out is not just about your physical fitness but also about your mental well being. Have you heard about endorphins?

Well, forward these are chemicals your body releases after an intense workout and they spread positive vibes in your body. Now tell me if this isn’t a good enough reason to start working out already! Exercising improves your mood, reduces your stress and fills you with optimism. Sounds like heaven right?! So keep up with your routines and be patient with yourself. It’s all going to

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work out for you. For now, all you need to do is to get up, get moving and take a ‘step forward.

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