Worst Pop Culture: The Last Decade That We Can Live Without Them!

Worst Pop Culture | stormed | Decade | 04th August 2022 | Virtual Wire



Here are some worst pop culture fads that stormed, the last decade that we can live without them.

Smart Homes


One of the depressing ironies of this century is that, as our trust in tech companies declined, millions of people all over the world invited Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook to be installed always-on listening devices in their homes. Yet we raise and fly the banner “We despise invasion of privacy”. More than a million smart home appliances were shipped to India in 2020. These numbers show how readily we give up our privacy for convenience. Listening to news or checking match scores is really not worth it when compared to the risk of a contractor of these tech companies listening to all the private matters. And it doesn’t just end at listening there are other home appliances such as surveillance cameras and doorbells which are connected to these devices. This really completes the whole picture of Orwell’s dystopian society where everything is being watched, heard and analysed.

Clean Eating


In the past decades, there has been a great effort by all individuals to become the best versions of themselves. This is a great virtue to follow, but it has also terrorized everyone with the trend of “Clean Eating”. The so-called influencers on social media keep on pushing to find the next best superfood and make their followers to adhere that same diet. The truth is no food can be “clean” enough to satisfy any narrative of health goals. All you can end up having is more stress as Clean eating is not always convenient. Taking too much out of your diet can be unhealthy (you need all the mix). Clean eating can be expensive. Clean eating can become obsessive which causes it to become unhealthy, as the stress to keep ‘The diet ship’ sailing becomes unbearable. Make a conscious decision to remain stress-free instead of food free because less stress always translated into being healthy. So have some wine and some potato chips or some salted peanuts. What will keep you on the track to a proper virtue which is happiness?

Instagram filters

The face filters had begun as fun; puppy dog ears, funny hats and comically enlarged face structure. It took a dark turn in the last decade; it mainly destroyed your self-worth. As some cameras can automatically alter your face structure and the imperfections). This unattainable European beauty standards of thinner face smaller nose and thicker lips has created a disorder among the younger teenage girls (Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) that has led to many have


approach surgeons to alter their faces through surgeries. The only good that these filters have done is to answer the question of how would I look if I were a man/woman.

Social Media Challenges


The social media challenges popularly widespread across the U.S have been a means of seeking attention for likes and follows. The challenges which are hard and cannot possibly achieve without any consequences: the cinnamon challenge, tide pod challenge or the awfully fatal fainting challenge. The most popular among those was the ice-bucket challenge, which did a lot of good for its cause that was to promote the awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as motor neuron disease) but the downside was; many celebrated and people used it just for the sake of attention without truly understanding the cause. The only challenge that we have to take up on social media is to stay away from these mindless activities, and think for ourselves about which challenges our worth, that which is good for our lives or the ones which are good for attention.

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