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GIVI VWPASS - Quick Guide. Each part of the software is shown by a button and the text in the buttons is information about the specific part. Connecting the software - User manual. This manual will be provided with the GIVI software for the car model being tested. The manual will show how to set up the software, how to operate the individual test points and how to obtain a detailed test report. Downloads / FAQs. The software will download more information, which can be viewed, downloaded and printed. To view the downloads, you need to first register your product . Software limitations - Registration and warranty. This manual will help you to register your software . USING GIVI, CAN AND BEERFORD GIVI CAN And Beerford - Quick Guide. In addition to the Quick Guide, the software also comes with a manual, a driver license and a warranty certificate . Start the software . Click on "Can And Beerford". If the car is working properly, a test will be automatically performed. The software will also inform you if a test was successful. Go to "CARS". Select "CAN". Select "CONNECT". Click on "Next" to begin the test. Choose the type of test you want to perform. - The "HIGH SPEED CLIMATE" test will make the car run on a longer route with speed limits. - The "RADAR" test will test the distance and angle of the radar. - The "CARROT" test will show the range and direction of all the car components. - The "TRUDEAU" test will detect the difference in the braking distance for the front and rear axle. - The "LASER" test will show the distance and direction of the laser beam. - The "BRAKE" test will show the force applied by the brake pedal. - The "SPEED" test will measure the current speed. - The "STRENGTH" test will test the strength of the suspension. - The "TYRES" test will test the ability of the tyres to grip. Choose a section of the car to test. To do this, first mark the start point of



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VOL-FCR 1.7.6 FULL-UNCRACKED.rar niroke

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